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Auto enrolment contributions: cost calculator

The employer contribution costs for your auto enrolment pension scheme will increase in stages between now and 2019. How much it’ll cost will depend on your workforce.

A free taste of the My Auto Enrolment system, this easy-to-use pension contribution calculator will automatically assess your staff, and give you a projection of your contribution costs. Simply enter the details of your workforce, or upload a list using our .csv template, and hit “go”.

It’ll give you an instant cost comparison for whether you choose to base your contributions on qualifying earnings or certifying that your scheme meets the minimum standard, and you’ll be able to print out the workings for your compliance file.


Import employees from file

Please download and complete the employee import template (.csv). Once completed please click the 'browse' button below to upload the completed file.

You will then be able to confirm your employee details and add them to your list. Any existing employees with matching National Insurance number will be updated accordingly.

Forenames Surname Gender Date of Birth NI Number Basic Pay Additional Pay Pay Period Actions
{{employee.forenames}}{{employee.errors.Forenames[0]}} {{employee.surname}}{{employee.errors.Surname[0]}} {{employee.gender}}{{employee.errors.Gender[0]}} {{employee.dob | date : 'dd MMM yyyy'}}{{employee.errors.DoB[0]}} {{employee.niNumber}}{{employee.errors.NiNumber[0]}} {{employee.basicPay | currency : '£'}}{{employee.errors.BasicPay[0]}} {{employee.additionalPay | currency : '£'}}{{employee.errors.AdditionalPay[0]}} {{employee.payPeriodDisplay}}{{employee.errors.PayPeriod[0]}}

Your Employees

Print list
Forenames Surname Gender Date of Birth Age NI Number Annual Income Worker Category/
Significant date
{{employee.forenames}} {{employee.surname}} {{employee.gender}} {{employee.dob | date : 'dd MMM yyyy'}} {{employee.age}} {{employee.niNumber}} {{employee.totalAnnualPay | currency : '£'}} {{employee.workerCategoryDisplay}}
{{employee.significantDate | date : 'dd MMM yyyy'}}

To add your employees individually please click the 'Add Employee' button, alternatively if you would prefer to download and complete our spreadsheet template (.csv) and upload them all at once please click the 'Upload Employees' button.


Employer & employee pension contributions comparison

Total employer contributions

Contributions breakdown by employee