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  • Workplace pension advice is seriously lacking! 18th May 2016

    It’s apparent to me that there are huge shortcuts being taken by those involved with a workplace pension selection for employers. This includes Accountants, bookkeepers, payroll providers and IFAs. NEST would appear to be the only winner here. … more

  • Auto enrolment fines on the rise, warns Pensions Regulator 28th April 2016

    The Pensions Regulator has warned employers not to ignore penalty notices after reporting an increase in hefty fines for failure to comply with new pension rules.

    The new rules mean employers have to automatically enrol staff into a workplace … more

  • Are you workplace pension decisions ROBUST? 27th October 2015

    Choosing a suitable workplace pension is ultimately an employer’s legal responsibility.

    Employers, remember that when you choose a workplace pension scheme for your employees  that it’s your duty and responsibility to choose … more

  • I must be cruel to be kind. 19th October 2015

    I must be cruel to be kind.

    A contradictory declaration, a paradox, which contains two statements that are both true but cannot both be true at the same time.

    My client wants to transfer out of his defined benefit pension scheme … more

  • The New State Pension - summarised! 12th October 2015

    Who does it concern?

    Men born after 6th April 1951 and women born after 6th April 1953


    From When?

    6th April 2016. If you have reached state pension age before this the new pension doesn't involve you.


    What's … more